Kin: Modular Light

Bringing communities closer together through interactive lighting

Kin is a modular light system designed to facilitate immersive group interactions. The system takes aesthetic and interactive cues from firelight that forms a community, as when people gather around a bonfire.

Each light fixture has a wooden base that accepts thin sheets made of transparent acrylic. When inserted into the base, a sheet closes an electrical circuit and becomes edge-lit. The top edge of each sheet is uniquely shaped, and can be placed in any of the slots in the base. With an infinite amount of combinations of sheet shape, color, material, and texture, each Kin light acts as physical fingerprint of a gathering.

Several Kin lights can be arranged together to cater to a larger group of people. As people arrive, they slide their uniquely shaped sheets into a base to switch on lights one-by-one. This gives off a warm glow that becomes brighter as more people gather, giving off enough light to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere without overpowering the room. Kin facilitates comfortable socialization and as its name suggests, brings everyone closer together.

Selected Process:

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