Google UX Internship

Researching, designing, and prototyping unique video storytelling tools

I interned at Google as a User Experience designer on the YouTube Creator team during the summer of 2013. I worked with designers, engineers, and project managers to design new features that enhance the content creation and curation experience for both mobile and web platforms. For my main project I worked collaboratively with another UX designer and a four person engineering team on the Capture 2.0 iPhone application. The Capture app helps people record and edit videos with the goal of telling compelling stories. Additionally, I volunteered to lead the UX design for the YouTube Audio Library. Both projects were released in the fall of 2013. Unfortunately process work from both of these projects cannot be shown in detail due to a non-disclosure agreement.

The next summer (2014) I interned on the YouTube Creator team again, and this time I researched, designed, and prototyped a new way to create video annotations. Specifically I worked on designing a replacement for the legacy annotations that creators overlaid on top of their videos. The old annotations were often distracting to viewers, didn't work on mobile devices, and creators were looking for a better way to embed additional layers of content within their videos. My work over the summer lead to what later became Interactive Cards which were launched in early 2015.

The Verge did a short writeup on Interactive Cards.

Popular filmaker and creator Casey Neistat integrating Interactive Cards into his videos:

While interning at Google, I also taught a User Experience sketching workshop. The workshop focused on using sketching as a communication tool, as well as introducing sketching tools and methods to help better visualize your ideas. You can take a look at the slide deck from the workshop, as well as the accompanying handout.

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