Frame: Interactive Story Telling

Enabling kids to tell compelling stories by bridging the physical-digital divide

The smell of crayons and wet paint on my fingers is one that will always bring back vivid memories of childhood. Giving kids art supplies and letting their imaginations run wild is an important part of developing a child’s creativity. Unfortunately this is a messy activity and because of this many parents resort to handing kids and iPad and letting them play with painting apps on the couch. As convenient as this is, it will never recreate the tangible experiences and memories that real art supplies create.

Frame is an interactive story telling tool that allows for kids to quickly create interactive stories, without all the mess that comes with paint. It comes in a small and portable form factor that allows you to quickly set it up and begin projecting on any large wall or surface.

The frame begins the story making process by prompting the kids to begin drawing the main characters as they normally would with real markers on a piece of paper. After the characters are drawn, the kids hold up the drawings to the Frame and it scans them in and begins projecting them. Next the kids are prompted to either draw their own background or go up to the projection and select one of the premade backgrounds.

After the story setup is complete the kids began to make the story come alive. They can draw arrows and scan them in to indicate different actions that characters can take. Or they can touch the projection directly and move the characters around. The frame processes all of these actions and produces a fun animation that the kids can narrate on top of.

After the story is complete the kids can play back the story to their parents and even save it to be played back on digital picture frames around their house.

Selected Process:

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