Form Studies

Four board stool is a study of an additive method for developing a form. The challenge required to create a functional stool that holds and displays a book of the designer’s choice, in my case “Slaughter House Five” by Kurt Vonnegut. The form of the stool and interaction with it had to reflect the spirit of the book. Materials were limited to a single plank of poplar wood 60" x 10" x 1". The plank could not be cut into more than four separate pieces. Only non-angular 90 degree cuts were allowed.

The book follows adventures of a man as he is thrown randomly and unpredictably through time and space, experiencing the terrors of war, mixing fiction and reality. The asymmetric planes of wood diverge in different directions to create tension and a sense of an uncontrollable movement that is felt by the protagonist of the novel. This is a study of designing a set of two simple forms that are a mirror image of each other. The salad tongs are made out of one solid piece of beech wood of fixed dimensions. The tongs feel comfortable in hands of users with both large and small hands, and work well for serving various salad ingredients. An exploration: combine two contrasting materials, rocks and plastic, into a cohesive form using a lathe. The plastic container provides a stark transition between irregular found objects (rocks) and a plain white background.

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