Chopped Up: Children's Board Game

How do we create a meaningful play experience?

A meaningful game play emerges from "relationships between player, action, and system outcome; it is the process by which a player takes action within the designed system of a game, and the system responds to the action"
-Eric Zimmerman, Rules of Play

Our four-person team was tasked with designing a game around a random topic assigned to us: Pirates. We began by researching and exploring games and gaming culture to better understand what core elements resulted in successful games, and what led to failed games. With our research in mind, we began to design and test prototypes of several widely different directions in which the game could go. We play-tested our prototype games with a variety of users, adults and children, and videotaped the tests to make them available later.

After many iterations and play tests Chopped Up was born. It's a somewhat gruesome yet silly game about chopping off body parts of other player's pirates while keeping yourself alive. The game begins with each player putting together a pirate by blindly picking the body parts from a sack in a bucket. Then players take turnes picking a Captain card. Each Captan card contains either a weapon or an article of clothing to put on their pirate figureines. The weapons correspond to different types of body parts. The last player with at least one body part left wins. Selected Process:

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