Buffalo: Camping Bag

When it comes to camping, food is an important part of the wilderness experience. Imagine a family of two adults and two children who are novice campers spending a weekend trip in the woods. Enough food and supplies are needed in order to prepare at least two meals for the entire family. Instead of having all of the tools to set up camp be spread out, we condensed all of the essentials into one backpack, narrowing the most important elements of cooking to fire starting, water filtration, food acquisition, and food preparation.

Our goal was to take families with kids away from their TV dinners and to help them learn how to gather and make food in a natural setting. Taking from the Native American practice to use the whole animal, the Buffalo Bag utilizes each of its components in a resourceful way. The Buffalo bag contains three multifunctional cooking devices. The structural “Y” supports give the bag rigidity while it’s being worn, and are used to create a spit or rotisserie when cooking dinner. The cylinder is stored in the base of the bag and functions as a structural element while the bag is being worn, and also containing necessary silverware inside of it. The rectangular water purifier also functions as an organizational element when it’s placed inside the bag. Selected Process

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